What Are You Looking At?

We live by faith, not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7 (NIV)

Such a familiar scripture…that even as you read it, you might have been quick to think, “yeah, I read this before.”  Why don’t you take a second to read it again…but this time a little slower.  Are you really living by faith lately? This life we’ve been called to is a faith walk, not a sight walk.  But everyday, you and I must decide whether we will see through eyes of faith or eyes of flesh.  Eyes of flesh see the natural things that are around us everyday but eyes of faith see things the way they could be.  Natural eyes see the past but they can’t see the future.

What have you been looking at?  If you’ve been seeing the bills stack up, the rent money due, the economic recession all around the country, family members that need Jesus….you get the picture.  Well, if that’s your focus, you’re probably fixing your eyes on the natural.  It takes eyes of faith to see that “if God is for you, who could be against you” or that “you’re more than a conqueror.”

Elisha’s servant, Noah and Abraham were in our shoes too! 2 Kings 6:8-17 tells us a story where the servant of the man of God was afraid for his life.  But he was only seeing with his natural eyes. In the spirit he had nothing to fear.  Noah was told to build an ark and prepare for rain.  An ark?  Rain?  Two things that he had never seen before in his lifetime or those before.  But because of his faith, he not only witnessed history in the making but his family too!  And we can’t forget Abraham who was willing to trust God in many situations…including the one where he was willing to sacrifice his only son!

To live by faith is not an easy thing to do…especially when we hear so much opposite advice.  Right after a victory, there’s always a voice that says: “where’s God?”, “so and so is still not saved”, “you don’t have the money for that building”, “your husband hasn’t changed for years”, “now you want to get spiritual” and the list can go on and on.  What we need to do is what Abraham did.  On his way to sacrifice his son, he heard the voice of God.  It wasn’t until he heard God’s voice did he see the ram that was there all along. Our blessing has been there all along, we just need to take the time to hear God.  Your provision, your promise, your healing is right there…if you can’t see it, you just might be looking through eyes of flesh.

Before he went up the mountain, he said, “We will worship and then we will come back to you.” He conceived a seed by faith.  He did two important things with his seed.  He sowed towards his dream (he wanted a son his whole life and Isaac was truly his son) and he gave his seed an assignment (he said that they would both go worship and that they would both come back).  So let me ask you again…what are you looking at?  I pray that today you will choose to look through the eyes of faith!  If these men can do it, you can do it too!


  1. Pastor Joe, love your blog! There is a richness, a depth of thought that is pure truth bringing the power of God into my life. I typed in ‘Bible promises’ in Google and ‘happened’ onto your site. Love it! God bless you as you bring the light of truth to mind and heart.

  2. This blog was awesome.. God really brought some things to light through me reading this.. This blog was right on time..

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