Father Knows Best: Part 1

If I asked you the question, “Who is in control of your life?” What would your immediate response be?  Would you be quick to say God? Your spouse? Your boss? Your career? Your family? Your friends? Money? Or maybe a hobby?  Possibly an addiction? I think we all know what it feels like to be in control of our own lives…but do you know what it’s like to allow God to be in control of your life completely?

One person said it like this, “I can’t serve God because he wants to take too much away from me.”  (Ever felt that way?) That person was right!  God does want to take a lot away from us…he wants to take away defeat, depression, disabilities, etc.  Why? Because God wants whats best for us…because God KNOWS what’s best for us! FATHER KNOWS BEST!

Are you letting God be in control of your life?  In the next few blogs, I’m going to take you through five areas that should be evident when we let God lead our lives:

1.  Accepting the Sovereignty of God (Matthew 8:1-3)

Isaiah 45:9, “”Woe to him who quarrels with his Maker, to him who is but a potsherd among the potsherds on the ground. Does the clay say to the potter, ‘What are you making?’ Does your work say, ‘He has no hands’?

Sovereign: “One who possesses and exercises supreme authority over an individual or group. Acknowledged leader or controlling influence.”

When we accept God’s sovereignty, remember this; God will respond with action to your need, God will make a plan that never changes, God doesn’t make mistakes like us and lastly you can know that your problems aren’t as big as HIS promises!

Don’t be like those who say, “You can be in complete control of my life…sometimes.”  You’ll be like that man who said “It might have been.”  Don’t waste time, take the first step today!  Whether you’ve been serving God for 10 days or 10 years, you can allow God to reign completely over your life today!


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