It’s Time For Miracles

God is doing amazing things in the city of Whittier. We have been experiencing miracles after miracles since our “Miracle Sunday” Service on November 21st. Everyday we keep hearing about all the great things that are taking place from healings, financial blessings, new jobs, etc. But one thing that we’re really excited about is that we have a BRAND NEW BUILDING


  1. I am so excited to see how fast God is moving in reguards to the new building, Pastor Joe and sister Doreen I am so blessed to be part of this great plan of God, He has saved me from myself and I have had a personal miracle happen in my life, for me it is life changing, Sunday was awsome and the services to me are helping me in my love for working for the Lord, from your sister in Christ, Rosemary Chaparro

  2. Amen Pastor Joe,

    God is doing great things in the lives of His children. Thank you and sister Doreen for your love, commitment, and faithfulness to God, to each other and to us your spiritual children. Good things are still coming. Amen and Amen!! 🙂 Have a beautiful and blessed day!!

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