In The Name of Love – Marriage Getaway

There are so many great things that God wants to do in 2012.  I know that God wants to strengthen marriages this year as well! He did it last year and I know he will continue to raise up strong couples with a passion for God and for each other! Last year we saw a lot of success in the 2 Marriage Getaways that we had.  And this year we want to continue to see God do great things with Marriages.

I’m going to take some time this week to write a blog based on a word that God has pressed upon my heart.  God spoke to me so clearly about what he wants to do this year.  He told me it was going to be a year of the “Miraculous.” I believe he is going to show Miraculous provision, favor, possession, etc.  But I also believe that he wants to do the Miraculous in Marriages. If that last one applies to you, then you really need to go to this Marriage Getaway entitled “In the Name of Love.”

Victory Outreach L.A. Harbor & San Diego County Region invites you to be apart of “Valentines Day Marriage Getaway!” This great event is taking place Friday, February 10th – Saturday, February 11th. Join us as two regions unite for an unforgettable getaway with powerful sessions to enrich your marriage! Register with your local church today!  If you have any questions, feel free to call the 562.696.5791.



Young Adults Ministry Launched

I’m excited about everything that’s taking place in our church, it seems like we have a good problem in Whittier…”we continue to grow wherever God leads us.”  One of the ministries that I’m really excited to mention today is our young adult ministry.  My wife and I have been seeing that there is a huge need in this area within our church for sometime now and we have a huge burden for this age group.  For some reason, God is bringing a lot of young adults to our church right now, this includes; singles, young married couples, single parents, college students and even career oriented.

With that being said, this past sunday we launched our Young Adult ministry!  It’s called X-Treme.  Check out some of the events that are taking place within the next few months.  So if you’re a young adult and you haven’t quite found your place, come on out and see what God has for you! Me and my wife’s goal is that you would enjoy and partake of all that God has for you this year and for years to come!